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  The Aerolite 103
Professionally built, ready-to-fly, legal Part 103 single-seat ultralight type aircraft. Fully Assembled, Factory Built Airframe, featuring your choice of color(s), Various Engine Configurations, Reduction Drive, 2 Blade Tennessee Propeller, Nose Fairing & Windscreen, Complete Panel with basic flight and engine instrument and more.

  Sky Cycle
Powered Delta Wing (trike) ultralight 103 (custom paint pictured)
The SkyCycle is the perfect soaring trike. Built with the highest grade materials, this trike is a dream to fly! Wins awards every year at
'Sun n’ Fun’. 

American Ranger 1 and Delta Jet 2
Gyroplanes and weight shift control Light Sport Aircraft that are airworthied under the Sport Pilot Rule. These are the best aircraft in their respective classes, each with its own unique feature set and strengths, which covers the entire spectrum of sport flying.

  North Wing
North Wing designs and manufactures quality weight shift control Light Sport Aircraft, FAR 103 Legal Ultralight Trikes, Wings for Trikes, Hang Gliders, and a wide range of accessories for ultralight trikes and hang gliders. One of the best Light Sport Aircraft, Ultralight Trikes, Trike Wings or Hang Gliders in the world... built with the highest quality Aircraft Grade hardware and sailcloth.

  Apogee Green Eagle PPG
The First mass produced 4 stroke, wheel launched PPG.
Get the most complete and safest personal aircraft in America. We are thousands less than the competition with certified wings available in our kit prices up to 4K below US competition and 7K below international.

Belite offers an affordable FAA Part 103 aircraft unlike any other single place airplane. Belite’s mission is to provide affordable high quality aviation products and aircraft at affordable prices, allowing more people access to flying. Belite Aircraft took on the challenge to develop an ultralight with the feel of a real airplane, yet one that met the qualifications of FAR Part 103.

  Team Mini-Max
The new organization has quite an international flavor, but the primary focus is in the USA, where we started and where the majority of our customers are. Our new company name is "Team Mini-Max LLC", chosen because of the worldwide team and as an homage Wayne Ison's original team. Our focus is to keep producing great little planes that for a Minimum cost provide Maximum enjoyment!

  Airdrome Aeroplanes
Now you can build and fly your own piece of Aviation History. And, at a price less than what you'd pay for a used car. (And, not a used BMW either.) Airdrome Aeroplane's kits of some of the most famous planes used in WWI will have you in the air in a fraction of the time needed to build other WWI replica aircraft. No hunting for parts or waiting for shipments.

M-Squared developed and manufactured the strut supported airplanes where wire bracing was the norm at the time for these airplanes. Their innovations have produced very strong, stable and reliable aircraft for the industry. M-Squared's aircraft with the Rotax 912 are still the strongest aircraft in their class capable of carrying 16 gals of fuel with two large flyers.

  Black Hawk
Producing the safest, most powerful and reliable paramotors in the world since 1998. Out selling our competition over 10 to 1. Imagine the most exhilarating and accessible form of flight for about the cost of a dirt bike. An aircraft that can be stored in your car and assembled for flight in minutes. Launching from almost anywhere and once airborne enjoy the thrill of open flight.

  Quad City
The first single seat Challenger ultralight a quarter century ago has evolved into a full line of kitplanes with a wide mix of models, options and accessories. The new Challenger 103 expands the line back to the grass roots and the new Challenger Light Sports are the line's most dramatic ever step forward.

Quicksilver's philosophy is to make the dream of flying your own airplane accessible to a larger part of the world by providing truly affordable "real" aircraft. Thus the exclusivity of flying is attained by those that dare and have the drive to do it. Not because of monetary constraints.