Founders of Pacifica Aviation Group & Pacifica LLC

Michael Clegg

President and Founder, Michael Clegg, started out first in the construction industry and real-estate business.  He also had a real-estate license, insurance license, & Federal Firearms License. Michael has a degree in business and mechanics.

Serena Clegg

Chairman Serena Chen Clegg, played Women's Softball for the Chinese National Team and achieved World Champion & World’s Best Pitcher. College NAIA Champion in USA.
Serena has a Degrees in both Business Management and Computer Information Systems. Serena is a Real-estate investment expert who is fluent in Chinese and English.

   The founders of Pacifica Aviation Group and Pacifica LLC started out with international importing and exporting for retail chain stores in the 90s, and continue ownership in retail stores. The company started an investment group, investing into real estate, land development, and building subdivisions. Pacifica Aviation Group and Pacifica LLC is still successful in Real estate and has numerous real estate holdings. In the mid 90s it has also invested in the wine industry with three wineries, the most successful and largest producing wineries in Colorado today. Following these successes in four distinctly different fields, Pacifica Aviation Group and Pacifica LLC has now started a new adventure into aviation business such as flight schools, air-parks, airport design and construction, distribution of ultra light aircraft, sport aircraft, and manufacturing aircraft. The company also has invested in vintage and antique automobiles and aircraft.

Our Partners and Associates

James Fredrick

Executive Legal Director, James Fredrick, started out as an Attorney. He has a Doctorate Degree in law and a real-estate license. Experienced wine maker and business man, James is a Retired U.S. Army Captain.

Dennis Corsi, C.M.

President of Armstrong Dennis brings in-depth experience to the firm and directs the entire staff of airport planners. In his 23 years of airport operations, management, and planning experience, Dennis has been the project manager or supervised more than 250 airport planning projects. As Chief of Airfield Management at the Rhein-Main Airbase in Germany, he supervised airfield management staff, base operations, flight data sections, as well as the apron ground control tower. He also inspected airfield facilities, documented discrepancies, and coordinated corrective actions. Dennis holds a pilot’s license with an instrument rating.

Michael Clegg

Michael Clegg, President and Founder of the Pacifica Aviation Group, purchased the Colorado Flight Center in 2016. Founded in 2006 it has become an all-encompassing Flight Center located Grand Junction, Colorado.  Michael started out first in the construction industry and real-estate business.  He also had a real-estate license, insurance license, & Federal Firearms License. Michael has a degree in business and mechanics.

John Fazzini

CEO of Ridge Landing Airpark in Florida. John has been in the land development business since 1967. John’s uses his extensive background in real estate development to design totally unique airparks. He starts with a dream, then a vision, and then creates that vision. John is also an experienced pilot with several airplane.

Judy Gallenstein

Judy Gallenstein is President of T.G.1STOP. Judy is a Colorado State Drivers License Examiner with operates a driving school. The Company has a Colorado Public Notary and Translator Services. Judy is fluent in Chinese and English.

Xiaosheng Huang

Law Huang International Ltd., an international law firm, was founded by Xiaosheng Huang in 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada with the goal of providing aggressive and cost-efficient representation through enhanced use of knowledge, expertise, and technology while affording clients personal attention. Now it has subsidiaries and affiliates in both Los Angeles and New York City.

Having succeeded in this goal, the firm's growing practice ranges from immigration to investment, and from securities law to surrogacy law. Both Chinese lawyers and American attorneys in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas have international experience needed to provide expert counsel on a wide variety of legal issues.

Dennis Carley

President of U-FLYIT Ultralights and Aerolite 103. Manufacturer of ultralights and offers a “builder assist program” to offer assistance and guidance to aircraft owners with self-building of aircraft. U-FLY-IT Provides First Class Training by FAA Certified Flight Instructors. Also offering pre-purchase inspection service throughout the eastern half of the United States.

Mike Theeke

President of Fly Hard Trikes and manufacturer of the award winning SkyCycle. Mike is one of the foremost Trike pilots in the USA. Mike has flown over 3,000 hours in an Ultralight Trike. Mike has over 25 years of experience and has piloted over 200 students though their solo check flights.

Abid Farooqui

President of Silver Light Aviation. Abid is an aeronautical engineer and aircraft designer. Silver Light Aviation is the manufacturer of the American Ranger 1 gyroplanes and Delta Jet 2 trikes. His gyroplane has just been awarded ‘Best New Rotorcraft’ at a recent airshow.
Silver Light Aviation also offers professional instruction.

David Cooper

President of Team Mini-Max Aircraft. Starting with the original Mini-Max in 1984, we've been helping men and women achieve their dream of flight by offering affordable plans, partial kits and complete kits for our line of light aircraft. With hundreds of Mini-Max aircraft flying around the world we can say you'll be flying the safest, best performing aircraft in it's class.
And you will have the confidence and pride knowing you built it yourself!

Ashton Brunner

President of Apogee Concepts and the designer of the Green Eagle PPG. Ashton offers custom Green Eagle construction and flight school instructions.

Gene (Bever) Borne

President of Air-Tech Inc., the manufacturer of Quicksilver Aircraft. Gene has
been building aircraft for over 30 years. He is also a FAA DAR. Quicksilver is the most well known ultralight on the market and has been sold all over the world.

James Wiebe / President

James is an avid pilot, having begun his flying career at Cessna Aircraft as a summer intern in 1978. James has developed new lightweight processes which he has incorporated into the BeLite airplane’s structure to keep the BeLite well below the 254 pound limit specified in FAR 103. James was awarded the prestigious “Dr. August Raspet Memorial Award” for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the design of light aircraft and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).

Robert Baslee / President

Our aircraft cover a wide range of historical aviation. From the most recognized aircraft to have ever flown in W.W. I. Any one of these legendary flying machines can be yours in a reasonably short period of time, approximately 300-400 man hours. Each of our kits have been setup to allow easy construction using only basic hand tools. All machined and welded parts come pre-done! With the aid of our construction video and unlimited builder support, even the first time builder will find construction quick, easy , and rewarding.

Mike Robinson / President

Producing the safest, most powerful and reliable paramotors in the world since 1998. Out selling our competition over 10 to 1. Imagine the most exhilarating and accessible form of flight for about the cost of a dirt bike. An aircraft that can be stored in your car and assembled for flight in minutes. Launching from almost anywhere and once airborne enjoy the thrill of open flight. Paramotors cost less then $5 per hour to run, are lightweight, easier to take on holiday than a mountain bike and much more fun. Ownership is easy and learning to fly is quick, safe, inexpensive and truly exhilarating.

Paul Mather / President

M-Squared was founded by Paul Mather in 1996 in order to produce a fun and safe airplane that was superior to others available on the market. Paul is an accomplished 40+ year veteran of the aviation industry and has accumulated much knowledge and know-how for what is now known as Lightsport and Ultralight aviation. Paul's company developed and manufactured the strut supported airplanes where wire bracing was the norm at the time for these airplanes. His innovations have produced very strong, stable and reliable aircraft for his industry. M-Squared's aircraft with the Rotax 912 are still the strongest aircraft in their class capable of carrying 16 gallons of fuel with two large flyers with ease.

Kamron Blevins / President

North Wing founder Kamron Blevins has been a member of the Hang Gliding Manufacturers Association and has certified many hang gliders. He brings this experience of flex wing design and flight testing to North Wing. Kamron and our team of qualified associates will bring their experience in customer service and manufacturing to build you one of the best Light Sport Aircraft, Ultralight Trikes, Trike Wings or Hang Gliders in the world... built with the highest quality Aircraft Grade hardware and sailcloth.

Quad City Aircraft Corp has manufactured the Challenger line of aircraft in Moline, Illinois since 1983. It is ultralight aviation's longest running company!
National Ultralight has been the exclusive Canadian distributor since 1984!

Some 4,000 Challengers have been delivered worldwide since 1983 with over 600 owners in Canada. The Challenger Owners Association is the most active in recreational aviation. Clearly this line of aircraft is one of the most popular in aviation, and one of the most proven, safest designs in any category.